Wendy Melvin

Wendy Melvin

is the President and Founder of IT MindFinders

Wendy’s 15 years of industry experience began with one of the nation's largest specialized recruiting firms. After successfully representing and placing dozens of individuals, Wendy combined her expertise with her entrepreneurial roots and bravely ventured out to create IT MindFinders. "My inspiration at the time was definitely fuelled by the cover of a local business magazine featuring a photo of a large porcelain toilet with a caption reading 'What's Your Company's Reputation?'.  This article really hammered home for me the critical importance of reputation and this idea ended up being a genuine 'ah-ha' moment for me.  It's genuinely impacted the way I've done business from day one.  I wanted IT MindFinders to be a leader, I wanted to do things differently and I believe that we have accomplished this."

Strongly committed to the triple win philosophy, Wendy believes that success comes with transparency, integrity, and trust.  She is warm and intuitive yet candid, believing that being direct is the best way to empower a person to find a career they love.

Wendy keeps a pulse in the business community by attending various functions and as a member of FWE, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.  Her passion for travel has taken her to dozens of fascinating destinations around the globe with her most cherished adventure being a South African safari.  Besides pouring her energy into work and travel, family and motherhood are most important, providing the greatest source of joy and contentment.

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