IT Outplacement

Vancouver's tight-knit IT sector is highly unique, so finding a great position with the right company can be a challenging task.  With more than a decade of working within our city’s IT community, we understand the importance of delivering the perfect outplacement solution to fit this niche.  Our specialized experience combined with our highly personalized approach allows us to assist our clients in a way that the large, one-solution-fits-all outplacement firms, simply cannot.


Four Steps to Success

Career transitions can be very unsettling. As an employer, you will want to ensure that your former employees are in good hands.  Our Outplacement Consultants are acutely sensitive to all aspects of career transition and will work closely with our clients as we deliver a 4 step program designed to provide them with the mindset, tools, and techniques necessary to finding a new career in a Vancouver’s highly competitive job market. 

Gaining Clarity - What's Next?

Most people will experience the loss of a job at some point during their career.  While each situation is unique, there is no denying that this type of loss can be highly stressful.  We understand this and will work one-on-one with our clients to listen, provide feedback and practical consult designed to establish that winning mindset necessary for finding a new and fulfilling career.

Resume Development

The cookie-cutter approach to developing a compelling IT resume is not effective.  Our Consultants have a depth of experience working closely with Vancouver-based organizations so we know what they look for and will work in partnership with our client to develop a resume that promises to hit a homerun with prospective employers.

Customized Search Plan

Our clients will not be handed an impersonal, generic list of local companies to apply to.  Our search plans are customized for each individual's unique background and target employers.  Strategizing together, we will create a customized, actionable, realistic search plan that is highly relevant to IT professionals seeking a career within the local Vancouver employment market.  In addition, we will provide support and follow up around plan execution to ensure that goals are met.

Interview Support

Regardless of an individual's skills and capabilities, poor performance in an interview can often be the one critical element standing in the way of finding that perfect position.  For years, our Consultants have been advising and supporting technology professionals with the intricacies of effective interviewing.  We provide our clients with one-on-one, industry specific interview preparation tools and techniques as well as assistance with reference preparation, thank you letters, and salary negotiations.


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