IT Recruitment

Since 2000, IT MindFinders has placed hundreds of exceptional people in top tier technology positions.  Our Search Consultants are strongly connected to Vancouver's thriving IT business community without needing to rely heavily upon databases and social media to attract IT talent.  We know them, and go direct to the source.


5 Step Search Process


  • Face to face meeting with stakeholders to discuss requirements and assess corporate culture

Identify, Assess and Convince Prospective Candidates

  • A referral-based candidate identification process to screen and conduct face to face interviews towards identifying top-performers

Candidate Presentation

  • Includes resume, interview synopsis, interview availability and salary expectations

Process Management and Offer Negotiation

  • Coordinate and manage interview logistics, pre and post interview debriefs and offer presentation and negotiation

References and Follow-Up

  • Exceptionally thorough reference checks on selected candidate, written offer to candidate and secure acceptance.  Follow-up with client and candidate during the guarantee period


Rave Reviews

2000 - 2019