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JobSeeker raves:


quotation markMost recruiters I've come in touch with over the years have seemed to have an agenda, I generally just felt like a number to them. As a result, I have shied away from recruiters in favor of approaching companies directly. This is not the case with Wendy. Through my entire interaction with Wendy, she showed genuine interest in what my personal and professional goals were and tried to find a position that matched well with my needs and wants. Once we identified a good fit, she walked me through the whole process from the first interview through to having the departure conversation with my employer. While applying for a new position is always stressful, Wendy seriously reduced that stress by providing sound advice and general moral support all along the way. end quotation mark

~ Senior Software Engineer, Software Manufacturer


IT MindFinders is reliable, responsive, attentive to candidate needs as well as employer’s needs, and honours commitments when it comes to follow-up. Now that Wendy has placed me as a candidate, I will be working with her as a customer for my own future hiring needs.end quotation mark

~ Manager Information Services, Life Sciences Service Provider


quotation markWorking with recruiters can be a very challenging. Many are also quite impersonal. This all changed when I met Wendy at IT MindFinders!end quotation mark 

~ Software Engineer Team Lead, Software Manufacturer


quotation markWendy quickly understood my strengths and weaknesses as well as the kind of work environment that I would be happiest at…I never felt like just a number, but rather as a valued and unique customer.end quotation mark

~ Senior Web Developer, North American Consulting Firm


quotation markHaving IT MindFinders in my corner made all the difference. Throughout the entire process, they provided valuable insight, education, and
support that helped me find and land the job I wanted. You can trust their experience, professionalism, and knowledge. I recommend IT MindFinders without hesitation.end quotation mark

~ Sr. Development Manager, Software Manufacturer


quotation markMaking the decision to leave a successful career after ten years was a hard decision. Wendy took the time to get to know me. I am very pleased with my new career. Thanks to Wendy and IT MindFinders!end quotation mark

~ Technical Architect, Consulting Firm



Employer raves:


quotation markWe knew that finding the right person to lead our user experience team was going to be incredibly challenging. That is why we chose to work with Wendy and the IT MindFinders' team. The level of recruitment expertise and advisement provided by Wendy is unparalleled in Vancouver. She helped us not only find the best candidates but also better discover what we really needed by taking the time to understand our business and by providing highly valuable advice and guidance. I recommend Wendy and IT MindFinders to any company looking for high value recruitment servicesend quotation mark

~  Vice President, R & D and Support Services, Software Manufacturer


quotation markWendy was able to get a clear understanding of our business, including its challenges and its goals and articulated a plan. She did not go to a database of resumes.end quotation mark

~ Chief Financial Officer, Consumer Products Manufacturer


quotation markIT MindFinders is a valuable partner committed to taking the time to develop a deep understanding of our business prior to presenting any candidates. This investment in learning was a key differentiator in the service level we have experienced with IT MindFinders.end quotation mark

~ VP Human Resources, Software Manufacturer


quotation markI think that your skill in execution (of references) on this task was one of the best.   Most recruiters just take down the info, and never get into the detailed discussion that leads to a better understanding of the candidate.  end quotation mark

~ VP Information Technology Services, Care Services


quotation markIT MindFinders did an excellent job handling our recent recruitment effort despite a very tight job market and a position which had several unique characteristics. From the initial meeting to candidate placement, IT MindFinders met our aggressive timeline and more than exceeded our expectations.end quotation mark

 ~ Director of Finance, Life Science Services


quotation markTwo factors are important in finding outstanding people: a sense of urgency in position fulfillment and a sense of finding outstanding individuals.  Our experience in filling difficult, highly technical positions has been positive and clearly superior to our previous agency experiences. end quotation mark

~ VP Product Development, Software Manufacturer


quotation markBefore I worked with Wendy I had had several negative experiences. Wendy truly changed my opinion of recruiters and I had a more than pleasant experience. I would without hesitation recommend the services of IT MindFinders.end quotation mark

~ Human Resources Manager, Medical Devices Manufacturer




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